Last race of the season

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Swedish Champion for the 8th time!

Round 4, Björkvik Sweden. 2 fives on the first lap, then clean second and third lap lead to a convincing victory. Still one round to go but the overall championship title is already secured:)

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Danish Championships in Viborg

Very tech course so it wasnt perfect for trying out my new Rockman Slate XL, but i got along alright and won at the end of the day:)

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World Championships 2011

I didn’t have the best preparations for this years worlds, being sick the 2 weeks before the first event. Round one in Brezova, Czech Republic threw a great event. Before the comp i entered a high jump comp, and finished 2nd after Ben Savage. He beat me by 10cm (138 cm), just wished i had my 26″ so i could have given him more of a run for the money:P Sections on the competition day was great and had every single thing you could ask for and the variation was great. But the Sections where al very long so i got a lot of time penalties and cleaned many sections just to come up short in the end. Round 2 in Spain was probably the worst comp i have ever entered. Only muddy banks with witch where non rideable objects, so strategic dabs where a must most of the time. Dani Comas taking the win on 80 points out of 100 says everything i guess….

2x 10th places put me in 9th overall :)

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European cup

Round 1 in Saix, France was an ace comp, great venue and great sections! rode good al day and finished 2nd after an unfortunate crash from a cable-spoon that rolled away mid-takeoff!

Round 2 was in Sonico, Italy and was another good event, finished 3rd there witch put me in third place overall:)

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My new mechanic!

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European Championships

First comp in Elite category, and a was struggling a bit on the first lap but started to ride better towards the end. And the second lap was really good! 3rd place overall after Alonso and Kolar is a great result since it´s my first time in Elite, but with a first lap as good as the second i would have got an even better result ;) Need to get more quality time on the bike and the summer could be pretty exiting!

Photo: Felice Andersson

Photo: Felice Andersson

Photo: Felice Andersson

Photo: Felice Andersson

Photo: Felice Andersson

Photo: Felice Andersson

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Monster energy Local Hero Tour vids 1-4

Day 4

Monster Energy Local Hero Tour part 4 from Ted Lindén on Vimeo.

Day 3

Monster Energy Local Hero Tour part 3 from Ted Lindén on Vimeo.

Day 2

Monster Energy Local Hero Tour part two from Ted Lindén on Vimeo.

Day 1

Monster Energy Local Hero Tour part 1 from Ted Lindén on Vimeo.


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This week, Monster Energy local hero tour…

Will be kicking it in Halmstad on monday, Gothenburg on tuesday, Fagersta on wednesday and Stockholm on thursday and friday!
Will prob tweet alot rather that posting so try to keep up :)

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First comp of the year, Swedish Championships

I twisted my ankle quite bad a couple of weeks ago and also had a lot at work lately, so about 2 hours of riding in 3 weeks and i was quite unsure of what i could perform. The sections was good but quite easy and even though i made one stupid mistake that lead to a 5 that was enough to win with only one point less that Joacim Nyman.

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