5 out of 5 races won even though the competition is getting fierce…

The other riders came a bit close on the last race in the Swedish Championships series but a great last lap saved the day! 5 out of 5 comps won and ofcourse i´m very happy about that:) Now i got 9 titles, and im looking forward to some hard hours in the gym this winter and then im charging for no. 10!

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Swedish Champion title #9

Now it´s official, with maximum championships points my 9th title is now secured! this weeks comp was i though one with terrible weather and quite hard, long sections. But i rode quite good throughout the day even tho i came up just 1-2 seconds short in a few sections and earned me some 5s instead of cleans. But with over 20 points ahead of the rest i´m happy with my riding.

Photo: Bengt Carlsson

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World Championships

Finished 9th, 9th and 9th. And 9th.

Although the result was pretty darn consistent my riding was the opposite. Pretty bummed i couldn’t do better than last year but i´m going to take the good things with me and come back better next year!


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3rd round of the Swedish Championships

#1 once again. With 2 rounds still remaining i am very close to getting my 9th title witch of course feels awesome!

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European cup and European Championships

Tried my big bike at the eurocup in Viborg Denmark! ended up third quite far behind so was´nt the best of days. But at least it was better than the European Championships in Germany the week after. Finished 8th after riding quite sketchy in the muddy slopes.

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2 down, 3 to go…

Second round of the Swedish Championships… #1

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First comp of the year, STOKED!

Yesterday i raced the first round of the Swedish Champs. In pouring rain, cold weather and long, hard and slippery sections i rode awesome for most of the 4 hours of the comp. Only one minor mistake resulted in a great win on 3 points ahead of Peter Bäckgren and Joacim Nyman on 29 and 31 points.

Couldn´t asked for a better start of the season, and it feels great to get a receipt that the hundreds of hours in the gym this winter was not for nothing. Despite a very physically demanding comp there where no signs of weakness or even unfocused moments.

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New suit…

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Merry Xmas and a Happy new year!

Right after christmas I will go to USA for the first vacation ever in my life:) We are going to celebrate the new years in Las Vegas, look at the opening round of the Monster Energy supercross in Anaheim and have some well deserved time off. Since the last race I have been working like a mad man in the gym preparing for the next season, prepared everything from sponsors, clothing etc and after this break i will start riding my bike again along with physio and gym training.

I would like to say thanks to al the sponsors that have renewed for next season and also thanks to the new sponsor:
for providing me with al the top notch compression clothing that i will be rocking from now on:)
Se ya´ll next year!

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I would once again like to thank al of my sponsors for looking after me in 2011! It makes pursuing my goals a lot easier and i appreciate it very much:)

I will update the site for 2012 in a couple of weeks introducing some new sponsors and hopefully most of the recent ones together with my plans and goals for the upcoming season.

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