Short vid from the last comp of the year

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It´s a wrap!

BIG win yesterday and im really happy about my 10th Swedish Championship title in Elite category:) Epic support from my friends and great riding resulted in a win on 2 points ( both from when my titanium pedal axle broke mid section) with closest competitor on 30 points.

Thanks to al my sponsors, family and friends for your support throughout the year :)

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Round 4

One step closer to nr 10!

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Round 3 of the Swedish Championships

Back on track! #1 again after a solid day of riding. The body feels good, the new bike is great and i´m looking forward to the last two rounds!

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Not the best of starts…

1st and 2nd was held this past weekend, first day i started a bit sketchy since i didn´t have a lot of time on my bike after my surgery. But my riding got better and better but finishing on 19 points with both 1st and 2nd on 18 points wasnt very fun. Second day i rode on only 1 point until i had 3 sections to go when my fork snapped! I got second 2 points behind Joacim Nyman and was pretty pissed that my fork just cost me a win that i would have needed after the tight podium the day before.

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Gaining muscles is not always a good thing….

Witch is why I needed to get surgery on both of my arms today due to basically  having armpump from the moment i wake up in the morning to when i go to sleep. Hopefully they  got it right and i will be back on my bike in 2 weeks! It´s going to be tight since the first 2 Swedish Championships is in 2 weeks and 4 days, but I have faith in my physical preparations and will hopefully manage to get a good start anyway!

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UCI World Cup in Heubach, Germany

Travelled down to Germany for the first comp of the year since the Swedish Championships starts quite late this year.

I still cant figure out how to deal with the difference in UCI compared to BIU witch often results in a very all or nothing type of riding. And the conditions in Germany with 15cm of mud on the ground and quite dangerous sections did not help! I finished on 19th place with is quite bad. My friend Joacim Nymann finished in 15th place and when i saw him ride the 1/2 finals i realized that even if I where to make that cut i still lack so much of the UCI specific techniques that is needed to be able to ride that type of comps. I better try to practice them a whole lot moore!


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2013 is upon us all!

Really looking forward to this season, I’ve been doing alot of work in the gym during this winter and I have made alot of progress! Working with a new trainer really changed everything for the better and im super stooked on starting riding more outdoors. I just returned from a few days in France riding in Saix. I was not real keen on going back home to -15 degrees but the spring must find it´s way up to Sweden sooner or later:)


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Well, the season has now come to an end…

and iv’e had some time to reflect on this years comps. Im not that happy with my results abroad this year, but i won´t bore you with my analysis of that. I am well pleased with my riding at home soil though, last year i got second in one comp and won by small margins a few times. This year i had my fire back and was pretty much untouchable in every comp.

I literally went straight to the gym after my last comp, started working on this winters training together with a new personal trainer. We have already made quite alot of progress and im really stocked on next year already!

I also made my debut on the enduro track, and i night do one or two more comps during this winter:)

Thanks to all of my sponsors, friends and family for this year. See you in 2013!


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5 out of 5 races won even though the competition is getting fierce…

The other riders came a bit close on the last race in the Swedish Championships series but a great last lap saved the day! 5 out of 5 comps won and ofcourse i´m very happy about that:) Now i got 9 titles, and im looking forward to some hard hours in the gym this winter and then im charging for no. 10!

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